It all started when....


It could not have rained any harder.

It was February 5, 2008.  Fat Tuesday around the world.  Everyone in our office building was waiting for me to return to start our annual devouring of a massive King’s Cake religiously sent by a wonderful customer from New Orleans.

Soaked by the downpour I stood frozen in the hospital parking lot.  Parkinson’s?? 

On the most important day in the mask world, I received the diagnosis of Parkinson’s or the  “masked disease.”  The irony was ridiculous. 

My world was shattered….temporarily....and after a good continued on.

Since that day, I have struggled to find answers.  Why was I given this condition and what am I supposed to do with it?   After almost ten years I have figured it out and have founded Just B-Cause, a company with a big heart.  Our major goal is to build  a team of intelligent and creative people whose expertise is the wholesale and retail sales of fabulous Italian-made items. From every retail sale, a portion of the profits will be contributed to medical research foundations or organizations dedicated to making positive change in our lives. The thought of a scientist getting that “AH HA” moment with the help of funding is what gives me and millions of others hope. 

So I thank you in advance….Just B-Cause.

 Chris Eagan

President Solo Pérche for Just B-Cause

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